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A320 auto rudder stopped working

Rich Monkman

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I have just updated P3Dv4.4 to 4.5 and updated the A320 to the latest version (424)

steering the aircraft on the ground with my joystick was fine before I updated. 

Its just stopped working after I updated P3Dv4 and latest version to 424.

Any ideas?

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Do you have rudder pedals?

If yes, just use the "," key and you can use your rudder pedals for the tiller, in the FMGC there is an option... called "nws sticky"

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Just now, Rich Monkman said:

I don’t have rudder pedals no. 

Are they something which can be used to steer on the ground as well as rudder use?

Yes. The introduction guide has a section on how to set up the tiller. You can have two axis or one for both.

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