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Flightsimlabs Software & Cpflight Hardware


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I have a few questions regarding the FlightSimLabs driver software and the hardware from CPFlight. I hope you will be able to answer them:

1. Does the current driver software from FlightSimLabs also work with the new 747 MCP from CPFlight in FSX? Or is there going to be a separate driver available for the new 747 MCP?

2. Somewhere this year, PMDG will be releasing the new 737NGX. Are you planning on supporting the upcoming 737NGX?

3. When the answer to question #2 is "yes"; then I would be interested in using the 737 MCPPro+COMM/NAV/ADF/XPNDR/EFIS modules with the PMDG 737NGX, and the new 747 MCP with the PMDG 744 X. Will it be possible to use 2 different MCP's+additional modules with 2 different airplanes?

4. Will you be adding support for the additional modules that CPFlight is planning to make for the 747 MCP. By that I mean the COMM and XPNDR modules?

Thanks in advance.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Jon,

1) Yes.

2) We don't know.

3) unsure, since it depends on 2 above :).

4) I'm not sure until we do 1). :)

Best regards,

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Thanks for your answers.

About your answer to my question #1. Do you mean by "yes" that the current driver software is compatible with the new 747 MCP+EFIS, or "yes" that there is going to be new driver software available supporting the new 747 MCP+EFIS?


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Ok. Then I'll wait with purchasing the new 747 MCP+EFIS until the new software is released (hopefully soon ;) ).

Maybe you could consider adding temporary support for the current 737 COMM/XPNDR modules to work with the 747 MCP until the "real" 747 modules become available from CPFlight?

I also understand from the CPFlight forum that right now the EICAS functions don't work. I'm sure this will be fixed in the new driver software?


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