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Landing lights and strobe lights not illuminated on ground after having Tomato preset

Kien Tran

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Dear guys!

After I install Tomato Preset( new version) and I try many method to fix the landing lights fslabs such as: remove p3d config, reshade, remove fslabs, reinstall p3d 4.5 hf2 then fslabs, tomato, spotlights but lights not illuminated on ground at day time. When I try to use “time preview” on menu, I adjust time to night time it totall in black. On the other hand, if I set night time in the beginning, all the lights work well. Anyone who has same my problem please tell me or somebody else. Thank you very much. 

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Lefteris Kalamaras


if you need support for FSLabs products, you need to have your product purchase verified and to post in the proper support subforum.

Also, please follow forum rules and change your username to your full real name (first and last).

Thank you,

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Lefteris Kalamaras

OK thanks for that (couldn't tell).

Also - please send us a note (support (at) flightsimlabs (dot) com) in case your FSL purchase was on eSellerate so we can verify your registration here and add you to the appropriate product group.

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Lefteris Kalamaras
1 minute ago, Robin Locher said:

Chance it and write your name normaly like every other person.

As long as it's both first and last, we don't mind it being stuck together...

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