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License Transfert Service


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Hello to all

I went to the download site to get the latest updates on the A320-X and A319-X. When I wanted to install the software on my PC, I was asked for an order number starting with "FLI". However, my order number starts with "ST".

As stated in the message, I went to the "License Transfer" page, and I entered my old settings to get an order number starting with "FLI", but I arrived at a window proposing to buy the A320-X software again !

Can someone tell me how to get a new order number starting with "FLI" without being forced to buy the software?

Thank you in advance!


Page de commande FSLabs.png

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Norman Blackburn

I have already replied to your ticket.

You have a number of orders and were mixing the order ID and serial between your orders.

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