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Calculatiing performance of the take off

Filip Nowak

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Guys, looking for 2 answers ...

1/ How to calculate MACTOW - is it just center of gravity and is there an easy way to get this value from? EST. TOW can be taken from simbrief, but MACTOW?


2 / What is this value OFP EDNO(?)


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Your take off weight estimate can be taken from the loadsheets you get. Same goes for the MACTOW.

OFP EDNO is the OFP edition number which means which revision it is. I.e. through out the day a flightplan get revised and so with that the OFP EDNO increases.

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7 minutes ago, Filip Nowak said:

Where MACTOW is in simbrief? 

it isnt on simbrief. it is on the loadsheet that is generated as part of the atsu/aoc features.

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Just now, Filip Nowak said:

OK, haven't used those loadsheets so far ... that's why I had this question... OK

well i would suggest you use those because you might get a final loadsheet that has revised values from the initial one. 

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