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Issues when trying to update/uninstall old version

Antony Quinn

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So, today I decided to update the A320 to the latest versions. But I have been having issues doing so. First of all, when running the latest version of the installer/updater, it come up with the prompt to press ok to uninstall the last version, but when I click ok, it just closes and nothing happens. So then I decided to go to the apps and features section and uninstall it manually from there. But, it says it can't find the uninstaller. So then I decided to go to the file location, and the installer is there. So I decide to run it, and it appears to be running well, but then I get a runtime error ((at 271:229): Could not call proc.) any information to fix this would be highly appreciated, especially since the FSLabs is one of my favourite planes to fly in the sim. Thank you in advance


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Well my issue is fixed now, after windows stopped booting and I reset windows (not removing files). But I still want to know why this issue happens, in case it happens in the future. I see James, hopefully someone can shed light on this issue.

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Hello- I am very upset right now, I am waiting on my email to be activated...but every time I start up FSX-SE I keep getting an error from Flight Sim Labs with an important message that keeps saying 'FSL Sounds.DLL error" "Could not startup Irrklang engine. Application will now exit" Anybody knows what this means. FSX-Crashes every time I get this message right when I strt up FSX-SE. Please help. Thank you. Ryan Rose

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