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FS2Crew for the FSLabs Airbus updated to V1.2 (new US female and UGCX Support)

Bryan York

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Just letting any FSLabs Airbus FS2Crew users lurking here know that we've updated FS2Crew for the mighty to Bus to V1.2

Biggest changes are:

1. Special support for Ultimate Ground Crew X.

2. New US female FO Voice Option.


FS2Crew: FS Labs Airbus Change Log:


All updates are built into the main installer only.  To obtain the update, login to your FS2Crew account, click "Completed Orders", re-download and re-install.

There is no need to uninstall the old version first.


V1.2 (2 November 2019)

New Voice Set:

1. US female FO/PM.  Accent region name:  NA (North America)

New Config Options / Features:

1. UGCX integration Part 1.  When UGCX "voice control" is enabled 
for your aircraft profile, FS2Crew will no longer respond to the
"Ground from Cockpit Voice Command".  Accordingly, you no longer need
to press "Hard Mute" on the FS2Crew Main panel to avoid trigger two
different sets of ramp agents.

2. UGCX integration Part 2. When using hand-signals in the non-pushback
scenario UGCX menu, the UGCX ramp agent will remove the GPU 
and chocks on the FS Labs Airbus as requested.

3. New config option to toggle no smoking signs at 10K during climb and descent.

4. New config option so PM disarms the ground spoiler and turns off the runway turnoff
and nose light after gear selected up.


1. Config 1000 Feet callout issues when changing Secondary Panel displays.

2. Config 'Runway in Sight' option fixed.

3. Flaps selection during PM's after landing flow when temps above 30 degrees.

4. New change: When calling for taxi light off, the PM will also turn off the runway turn off lights at the same time.



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I've just spent a lot of money on a yoke, UGCX, some scenery... All you amazing developers are really hard on my wallet :lol: 


Thanks for the reminder.. lol... I'll get it. Not today, but probably in December xDD

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