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Why do old posts have a date of "1969"?

Aaron Kim

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Random question about the forum, but why do old forums posts have a date of December of 1969?
If you go to the ConcordeX forums and go to the 155th page, you will see bunch of posts with that date.

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Artur Araripe

Old UNIX bug, basically. It dates back to jan 1970, when UNIX made its debut: the so called "epoch date". If the timestamp of something hosted on Linux can't be specified, it resets to 0, therefore, dec 31 1969, as it was still dec 31 in america when UNIX came out in jan 1970 in England. 

So, whenever any UNIX-based system can't specify a date, it will show it as dec 1969.

It probably happened with FSL because they might have upgraded forum software, and some stuff like dates don't get carried over due to how different software deal with date storage in a database.


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Ray Proudfoot

There was a secret internet back in 1969 opened when Concorde started test flights. ;) Some of us started chatting about Concorde in a simulator but we had to wait for Andrew to be born and for Lefteris to leave school.

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag I’m afraid I’m going to have to shoot you. :D

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Artur Araripe

And to think that airplanes got slower over time and more focused on fuel efficiency over top speed :( Who'd imagine back then. I bet that most of you guys from the 40/50/60s had a completely different idea of how 2019 would be.

Real shame. And it's also happening to cars, trucks and everything else. 

Soon enough we'll be back to bikes and stuff. 

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Ray Proudfoot

Back when I was young the world’s resources were never thought about. Hence why some cars had 7 litre engines and Concorde’s fuel consumption wasn’t an issue. But back then there were far fewer flights. Something only the middle and upper class did. Unlike today where everyone flies and families have multiple cars.

The Earth’s resources are not infinite.

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Artur Araripe

Yup, but the end of Concorde and the supersonic dream is mostly related to the 9/11 consequences. It affected aviation in such a way that nothing will ever be the same. Good times that will never come back. Companies don't really care about the environment. Fuel prices went all the way up in 2001 and never got back to normal, so, companies had to figure out a way to keep the profit flow going. 

Doesn't seem to be working for most carriers, though. In Brazil, we lost VARIG, VASP, Avianca Brazil, TAM (which still exists to an extent but now it's not a 100% national carrier). All within a decade of WTC. 

Not to mention all the european airlines that also died because of that.

9/11 killed 3000 people and brought aviation down with it. Really sad.

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