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FSXFlight and ForeFlight (Closure?)

Conner Pierce

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Conner Pierce


I've used FSXFlight and Foreflight for my sim for a few years now.

I recently reformatted my PC and tried to reinstall FSXFlight.

I keep getting an AWS error, and have tried to contact the developers.

Unfortunately, the support emails are unable to have mail delivered to them. It looks like FSXFlight closed up shop without any warning, although the website is still there.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea on what to do?

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I currently have FSXFlight (v1.2.1.1) installed and it appears to work when I run it (although Windows Security prompts for a Certificate, which may be related to your issue). I no longer use Foreflight though. I know that doesn't help you, I'm afraid. The Amazon Web Services were down for a while earlier last week (22/23). If you want to track down the author (Jacob Eiting) and attempt to get in touch directly, he can be found online. :D


Another option is to try FlightSimGPS. It worked for me at one time.


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Conner Pierce

Thanks for the advice @Randy Reade. My FSXFlight was working great until I needed to reinstall it. Now the installer cannot connect to AWS and download. Still looks like a AWS issue, even though it's been quite a while since the AWS incident.

I've tried contacting Jacob through email with no luck. I've even talked to the distributor, Gumroad.

Hopefully I'll figure out something this week.

I'd use FlightSimGPS but my PC is using ethernet and my iPad is wireless. That's why I loved FSXFlight since it could connect directly to my iPad with FF's connection info button.


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