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Who will be my contracting partner?

Guenter Alzinger

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Guenter Alzinger

After having big troubles after on online buy where the offerer of a software and the responsibility for the final sale and transactions are two different companies, which in the end was that the contracting partner had additional license (the software is only licensed for one year) condition which weren't mentioned BEFORE I bought, I must know how this is handled in your case, i.e. who will be my contracting partner if I'd like to buy the Airbus 320x?

Do you understand me? The problem is there is a button ON YOUR SITE where I have to accept the condition to give up all my rights and the second partner can then define additional conditions on his own.

This means for me that in the future I only buy from my contracting partner and I only accept any conditions there and not from anybody else who tells me a nice story.

If you are not my contracting partner I can't buy your products.

Correct:  If you are not my contracting partner I can't click the accept button on your page, but I'd like to get the link to your "reseller", my contracting partner, with the final product and license information.

Kind Regards

Günter Alzinger


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Mr. Alzinger,

The terms, as set by the purchase page, are quite clear and the decision is yours at the end, whether to purchase or not.

Obviously, if you're not comfortable with any of them, you are quite free not to proceed with the purchase, but we welcome you to discuss this by sending us a note to support (at) flightsimlabs (dot) com.

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