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Delete attachments?

Stu Antonio

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I've reached my attachments limit. How can I delete the old ones quickly without having to go into every old post, edit and delete? Is there a way to flush let's say all from 2017? .... 

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Just now, Norman Blackburn said:

Ive removed 75mb of your attachments.  One single zip file was 50mb

Thanks a lot Norman!
Yea, that zip might have been a ts profile. I think I noticed the size only after I sent it via pm. Won’t happen again..

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Norman Blackburn
18 hours ago, koen meier said:

@Norman Blackburn could you remove some of mine aswell it seems i only have 2.14mb left. so i couldnt even upload a single screenshot. perferable the oldest files.

Done. All except Sept / Oct.

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Norman Blackburn
7 hours ago, Robin Locher said:

@Norman Blackburn
Hi can you delete all my Attachments please.

Merry Christmas 


Ive deleted these for you.  Please consider using a hosting service and linking from there.

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