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Uninstall old version (Resolved)

Filip Nowak

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I was trying to uninstall old version but had a "RUN TIME ERROR" during uninstalling, so decided to just delete the folder with FSLab320, but during new install again it tells it is installed...

What to do to "cheat" the installer the plane is finally deleted and what folders (except the main FSLab320) need to be deleted to make it work?

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peter kelberg

err   that's  the  reason  you have the error   you never  manually  remove  any   addon  folders  always  use  the uninstaller or   go  to the uninstall in the addon/ remove     Hopefully  Norman  will see  this  and  help  you

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Had the error without even touching anything manually, once was not able to remove that with uninstaller (which generated RUNTIME ERROR), decided to remove manually.


PS : Done ... Cleaned all entries from Registry looking just for "FSLab"

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The servers are quite busy. Could have been the cause of the error. You are lucky you knew that the answer was in your registry. You wouldn't believe the number of people who do the same thing but cannot resolve it without assistance. 

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