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FSL A320X keeps chrashing P3d v3 and Flood Lights doesn‘t work!

Hendrik Oesinghaus

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Hendrik Oesinghaus


my simulator (P3d v3.4) crashes/shut down to desktop in almost every single flight I try to do with the Fs Labs A320X. It happens every time in flight when I am in the air and there is no Information why it chrashed. The screen is frozen for a few seconds an then it shuts down to my desktop.... I can‘t find a solution for that in the internet.

An another Problem with the Fs Labs A320X I have is, that the lights doesn‘t luminate the Cockpit and the flood lights aren‘t working.


Does anyone know about the Problems and could help me?




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Norman Blackburn


Support is only given to registered users.  Please drop us an email to support@flightsimlabs.com including your purchase details and we will take it from there.

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