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Tickets don’t operational web and I can’t redownload my aircraft

Vicente Hernandez

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Vicente Hernandez


I’ve tried to use the redownload web several times, and I always get the same result: When I put my order data, serial number and email, I get a “point” as answer. No error messages nor another text, only a little box with a point inside. Please, I want use this aircraft.

I sent a mail to support and they told me the same as the web says: use redownload page....but I CAN NOT USE IT.

Please. Help.

Thank you.

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Sabine Meier

which data are you using. esellerate or fastspring. esellerate started serial with a320-x-.

esellerate has closed down.


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Vicente Hernandez

My start A320X-P3D-.....

I've used the transfer license and I get: 
Error: Cannot match serial number to existing products.

I'll lost 143 €....

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Sabine Meier

sadly this weekend is flight sim show at Cosford so support from fslabs is difficult i think as some staff is there.

There was an upgrade path for users of v3 to v4 of p3d however that has been discontinued a while back. 

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