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Black Marble Extended Lights

Brad Zimmer

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It looks like BM just released their new "Extended Lights" software.  Does anyone use this and be able to comment on how it is when flying a plane like the 320?  It is pretty expensive and I currently get lights popping up so I don't want to waste the money if it is just a heavily marketed product that doesn't work.  Apparently you can't post anything related to BM at Avsim or they will delete it so I thought I'd post here.  Not sure why that is.. Thanks!

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Thanks.  I am curious, but not confident it will be worth the money as I get autogen popups frequently and I have a decent system.  I find it hard to believe this will eliminate night lighting pop ups and have lights in the distance.   

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J0hannes Butz

Hi Brad,

do you know about SmartSimLights? I think they got global coverage, may not be as good but they're free. Haven't tried them yet though...


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I've tried out SmartSimLights, but I'm honestly not a fan. The lights are way too big and there are way too many red lights in Europe and Asia. They also do not have lights for North America, so if you are apart of that community, you cannot take advantage of SmartSimLights. I recommend using a TomatoShade profile as some profiles can actually make the lights. Here is an example of my lights I've posted in AVSIM's screenshot forums: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/558910-night-lighting/?tab=comments#comment-4051579 keep in mind, the pictures i have there are just using ORBX lights, as I've said i don't use any Chris Bell or SSL product.


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Lol, i was just saying I don't think I've ever seen red lights at night. I can't remember the last time I've seen a red night light when landing at an airport at night. (At least here in United States). Also been to Korea, and I also cannot remember seeing any red night lights, actually its quite the opposite over there... very colorful.

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