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Joystick/HOTAS Recommendation

Marko Zivanic

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Markus Burkhard

You may want to use the search function, this question has been asked and discussed a couple of times. Search results will include the Thrustmaster Warthog, as it is very popular around here :) 

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Markus Burkhard
17 hours ago, Marko Zivanic said:

Thanks! I found those. Any issues with US shipping, warranty, etc. since the product is manufactured in Europe.

I suggest you buy it at a local dealer, that way shipping and warranty stuff is not your concern. Surely it is available at local computer stores in the US?

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Bear in mind that the Warthog doesn't have a rudder axis, so you'll need a set of pedals as well.

I've just bought a Logitech Rhino x56, and whilst it's overkill for P3D - so many buttons - it's great. It's also half the price of the Warthog. My Thrustmaster stick died, and I wanted a HOTAS I could use in DCS, and it's pretty good so far. I don't see any of the build quality problems that plagued it in the past.

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Fabrice Estienne

And the HOTAS Warthog flight stick connection does not provide axis separation !

The more you deflect the stick on an axis (i.e. pitch) the more the other axis (roll) wil become loose.

It's rather a pity as regards this piece of hardware which has a professional pretention way of simulation.

Now FBW flight controls provide axis separation.

Hence I continue to employ my legacy HOTAS COUGAR, less accurate but with axis separation.

For the record the design of the CH Fighterstick maintains the axis separation.



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Daniel Kittler

Hello Fabrice Etienne,

Could you be so kind to explain the problem with the Warthog(I  use one)?

And how did that manifest itself concretely?

Thanks in advance

Daniel Kittler

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