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Sound.dll error in Appcrashviewer !!

Hamza Swaid

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Hi folks, hope you re well


Last four flights i've noticed that at the end of my flight, Appcrashviewer gives me a report about Sound.dll error, could someone explain to me whats wrong with this and how to fix that problem plz because previously i followed a method to fix that problem but i didn't know how to find this entry Data = $ IgnoreFreeLibrary <FSLSounds.dll>. Am unable to do it, i get that sound.dll error so many times and i need to do this step but i cannot do it because i don't know how to find that entry.

plz help

A320 v202400.



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Norman Blackburn

@Libyan Pilot


First please visit 

 You will see we ask our users to have their real name as their forum name.  No support is given in General Forum.  Please use the proper forum.

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