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Concorde X wont bank

Mickey Zoll

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Im new to this Forum and dont know where to post it, so I post it here, im sorry if its Not right, then it gets deleted I guess 



But anyway, if its correct, 

My Problem with the conc x is, that the plane, after accelerating to mach 2 at cruise climb, is suddenly turning right or left (not much, just a degree or so) tue autopilot counteract with a full elevon deflection to the left, I look at it, at the outside view, and confirm that the elevons are fully stucked out (wich they are, deflected fully ok, ready to turn), nothing Happen... then it remains banking and cant be controled lateral, pitch is working fine still... even if I Switch of the AP ... putch wirkst but bank no... 


The second Situation is, that the plane cant bank, and remain in a Level flight, while I still can controll the pitch ... this is endless then... eben at now speeds und mach 1 

... I tested out every speed, but still no bank...


For information: In all Szenarios, I controlled all the seats (capt, fo, fe), hydraulics are Blue, CG is as Per book and fuel ballance is just off like a 100 KG on one Site wich is nothing I would say...  


And I already searched anything, i switchen all prefered Settings in active sky next in, as per Forums who had the banking issue, i also have disabled that wind turb. Option in FSUIPC.. and in the Menu itself, I unticked turbulence and the Strong wind thingi ...but no effect 

Thank you for reading

Best wishes 

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Norman Blackburn

Hello Mickey 

Please register your purchase in your forum profile after which you can post in the correct forum and more importantly get a solution.

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