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Dario Urbani

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Dario Urbani

Hello all,

every time i go online with IVAO at any airport of the world, all the other aircraft which are also online, appear as the same aircraft type like i have chosen for myself. Does anybody 

know what could be the reason and if yes, how this can be changed in the settings in order that the other aircraft are appearing individually ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards



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Norman Blackburn

Hi Dario,

Its a long time since I set up IVAO modelmatching (MTL) but it sounds like something has gone very wrong.  It depends on your sim as to how these are displayed.  I suggest heading over to their forum where everybody will have experience in this.

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Jordan Heyburn

I use IVAO as my VA mostly uses it. I had a problem with the MTL previously with no aircraft showing I would suggest reinstalling it and installing every aircraft in the MTL installer, and when it asks during the install select to use it externally rather than internally. Since I've did that I've had zero problems, and works a treat.

Good luck

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Johannes Molenaar

Hi there,

If you use a 64bits flightsim like Prepar 3D v4.xx then you have to download a separate installer from IVAO to make the online flights visible...

First instal the normal 16/32 bits IVAO MTL's thrue Ivap2, point with installation to your P3D v4.xx map and after the index procedure has finished run the IVAO 64bits patch...

Or...if you have already installed the (latest) MTL's in an other sim, copy the MTL map from the other sim to the P3D/simobjects map.

Mabe you have a look here: https://flightsimeindhoven.com/ivao/install-ivap/

Follow the instructions and you will see online traffic!


Good luck!



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Helder Matos

hello  can you can explain to me ho to re-index MTL  i use fsx 64bits and dont see ivao online trafic thankyou on advance

On 8/6/2019 at 3:38 PM, Sven Sappa said:

Try to re-index the MTLs in your IVAP v2 Configurator. See if that works.


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