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Looking for voice over

Adem Hull

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G'day all,
I've been finally getting around to flying the labus more after having bought it months ago and I must say I've been really enjoying it.

Recently I finally got around to painting it in the colours of my personal virtual airline. As part of this, I've been looking at getting some custom cabin announcements made for it.

I've done some looking around on fiverr so far but I thought it might be worth asking here too. I'd do them myself but I'd rather not hear my own voice all the time!

I'm looking for Australian accents, preferably queenslanders though anything works. The airline is a low cost holiday airline (think Virgin Blue style) so anyone familiar with that style would be perfect. I am willing to pay as well if the quality is good.

I can post a link to the website and such if folks are interested. I'd rather not include it here though in case people think it to be advertising.


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