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dave stringer

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dave stringer

All too quickly we all want to purchase and fly, in some cases as technology improves our own individual situations differ from each other, with that said yes i had certain issues getting  my A320x to work P3DV4.5, however i am a veteran simmer, since 1990 infact, and this Forum note is from an ex-MALGATE!!!!, FSLABS customer that returned a year later as this is far a superior piece of kit for the A320 as of today, but my note is to thank a very very supportive FS LABS chap by the name of Norman, i know we know who he is but Norman helped me out over his weekend whilst being away in Italy.

i too come from a service delivery background and have to say this was by far the best example of customer one to one support i have ever experienced in the flight sim world, i cannot thank Norman enough for his kind support, even being 6 hours time difference, fantastic person, to go hand in hand with a really fantastic product.


Norman i owe a few beer and well done from a very happy customer.



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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hear Hear!

Thanks for this heartfelt post Dave, it is very appreciated!

Norman is usually very shy and won't easily admit it, but he's the best... or - in Seinfeld's own words: "He's GOLD, Jerry, GOLD!" :D.

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Dave,

Thank you dear sir for your kind words.  I am but a small (shh LK!) member of the team who all perform great work behind the scenes.  Collectively we love the product as much as we hope you all do to!

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Walter Meier

I have to echo Dave's sentiment. Even though there are several people very capably supporting your products behind the scenes, as the "face" of support, Norman is extraordinary!

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