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Very angry about the A320 purchase


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I bought the A320 for 153 € yesterday .
it doesn't work, windows 7 broken, Prepar3d 4.5 broken, had to uninstall it.
i am very angry, thought it would be a good product, 
I'd like my money back.
I'm so annoyed. now everything has to be reinstalled.
before, A2A planes super . aerosoft A320 super.
i'm still hanging some scenshot with mistakes.
Verified Products, does not work either...

I was so looking forward to the plane.



32 GB Ram, I7 5930K @4.0, 1080 Ti, SSD Samsung, Win7 64 Pro

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Norman Blackburn


Hi Ronald,

We can understand your frustration.  It would drive me crazy when things don’t work out properly.  

The 320x doesn’t install into the P3D folder so once its uninstalled there would have been nothing to cause the issues you had.  Please drop us an email to support@flightsimlabs.com  and we will try to help you get things working successfully.


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