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P3Dv4 Weather ASCA or Sky Force?

James Harker

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James Harker


Currently in P3Dv4 I only use ASP4.  This week various weather related addon products are on sale and I'm looking to improve my sim experience in this regard.  I'm torn between buying either ASCA or REX Sky Force 3D.

Has anyone got experience of trying both products independently with ASP4 and willing to share their experiences on what they feel is the better product to buy, either based on performance or more realistic visuals?

The main consideration for Sky Force is that the cloud textures/structures look at first sight very impressive and more varied.  ASCA on the other hand may integreate better with ASP4 and produce more dynamic changes on the fly as opposed to having to select a specific texture set?  I have no experience with either product, so looking forward to your recommendations.  I'm not considering buying both for different reasons at this stage (such as one for clouds and another for sky textures etc), I'm looking to get either one or the other to supplement ASP4 based on your experiences.  Even if I end up buying Sky Force 3D, I will still be using ASP4 as my weather engine.

I've noticed on some youtube videos that flying through some big-ish looking clouds with Sky Force, you seem to instantly come out the other side as if there is no actual bulk to the cloud when actually supposedly inside it, or sometimes those impressive clouds look more of a stuck on photo rather than feel part of the actual virtual sky.  They may have only been rare unluckly instances I saw, so again I'm after user experiences on flying with either product in P3Dv4 to get the actual sense of feeling you guys get when using the product first hand.

There are loads of threads scattered about the internet about these products, but they are either old posts (so comparison screenshots have long been removed) or they talk about them mainly in conjuction with other products such as Soft Clouds or others which I obviously will not be using in this instance.

Thanks for your opinions!

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Sabine Meier

I have used asca for some years now and I really like the dynamic control settings which is one theme selection. Hifi simtech who developers both asp4 and asca are currently developing their volume two for asca which includes more variation. I am waiting for that plus there new engine to see what coming in the future. 

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Stu Antonio

I have both and used both for quite some time. My personal favorite is definitely ASCA.

I found the SkyForce clouds too puffy, too blurry on the edges. ACSA is sharper, more defined and I really prefer and like the looks of it. That is absolutely up to your personal taste of course but ActiveSky together with ASCA works just great for me. Also it's also not overloaded with options. 

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Atul Mishra

I love ASCA for their clouds textures. But then, I use Sky Force for sky textures. The could textures of Sky Force is just not my choice although they may look quite real from the ground but once you're up in the air and closer, they look quite a bit like a layer of 2D image. Umm... maybe I'm missing something with regards to the settings? I don't know.

 With ASCA's clouds, they look damn good once you're up and really give that 3D feel as well. I use "Interlude" clouds theme and think they're the best I've ever seen anywhere.

My answer is based on just my opinion and preference though. Happy flying.

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If you have enough money to buy REX Sky Force 3D,  I still recommend REX Sky Force 3D.

I think the cloud in REX Sky Force 3D is more realistic.

I haven't used ASCA for a long time

I have REX Sky Force 3D and ASCA, REX SF3D has more friendly FPS

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Eric Kucher@

I have used both extensively starting with ASCA when it first came out and then switched to SkyForce when it was released over a year ago.  Due to an update issue with SF recently I went back and tried ASCA again using Full Dynamics and I have not gone back to SkyForce.  ASCA gives a much better representation overall, especially up at altitude they convey a nice 3D effect and I think they are scaled better so you have more feeling of altitude. Summer flying with storms around look great with ASCA.  SF storms look like mushroom clouds and a bit silly.  Also, SF has a problem with transparent cloud textures and you can see right through them when you are close to them.  I did prefer the REX solid overcast though. I also use a few sky textures from SF though as I prefer them over ASCA sky textures.  Hifi is working on an update for ASCA and REX is working on an update for SF so things could change. Right now ASCA/ASP4 is the winner in my view.

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Do you use REX Environment Force?  How does it interact with ASCA?   AS is a  given for weather injection.

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Peter Pukhnoy

In my opinion the best combination is Sky Force for cloud models and textures and ENVTEX for sky textures.

The first screenshot is made with Sky Force sky textures and the second once with ENVTEX sky textures. In both I'm using Sky Force cloud models and textures and TomatoShade for the atmospheric scattering effects. The sky textures from REX are just awful in my opinion, especially how they butcher the cloud lighting.





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