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Redownload service for ''boxed' Concorde-X license without esellerate

Steven Cox

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Dear All,

With the news that Concorde-X for P3Dv4 64-bit is 'paused' and quite possibly may never happen, I have restored my FSX and installed the 32-bit version so I can at least fly it again. 

My question relates to the process of redownloads for the boxed version. Currently the process involves paying $4.99 redownload fee (valid for 365 days) to get an order ID number to use with the serial number to download the latest version. As I understand it, this will no longer work after 30th September. I have Concorde-x installed in FSX currently but if I need to reinstall it after that date, the license checking will not work and therefore it will not install. 


As I am unable to find any reference to this situation with the ending of esellerate service, could someone please outline for myself and others how this is going to work in the future. I am sure you have a plan for this but I would like to know what it is before I am faced with this scenario.



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Thank you, Soren. I have thoroughly read the FSlabs announcement but it does not mention anything about the boxed version of Concorde-X and the process is slightly different as I explained. Currently you need to purchase a redownload from esellerate to get an order ID to use to get the download. Unless specific arrangements are made for people with the boxed version, the install process will fail as it contacts esellerate to check the license.

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The Concorde-X for 64-bit is now officially on pause. While we received some strong support from customers regarding future sales on P3Dv4, we have to ensure that we align our business model with the significant development news that we received from Microsoft, and since the aircraft is so specialized, we prefer to evaluate further once there are more details on the new platform.

Steven there's no mention of a possibility of cancelling. They suspended so they can "evaluate" the new platform coming in 2020.



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