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Issues after the latest update

Marc Stanford

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Marc Stanford

Me and a few other users here have been experiencing issues regarding the displays not rendering properly. What I mean by that is that whenever an FMA mode changes it is boxed in white, now normally this should only last a few seconds like in the real aircraft and like the previous versions. Instead however it remains boxed and the only way to fix it is to either change the brightness to update the displays or open a 2D display. The FMA is not the only one affected but other ECAM pages too such as the fuel page and the total FOB which is critical since we need that to calculate our total fuel.

All of these issues started appearing after the latest update and i'm sure we would appreciate it if we could get feedback from FSL as to what is causing and how to fix these issues since it makes the A320 annoying and un appeasing to fly now, I really would like to fly it since I'm an Airbus fan but the draw issues after the last update is really getting on my nerves. 

Is it possible to release a hotfix so we can all get back to enjoying the A320 like it was before without having to fiddle around every second?

This is probably gonna get ignored like my other post about this so I don't know what the next steps are.

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Khoa Nguyen
6 minutes ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Hi Marc,

We're aware of the issue - we'll investigate/fix.

Thanks and hope it will be sooner than last time for the fix, along with GPWS false alarm. 

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Marc Stanford
2 hours ago, Andrew Wilson said:

We have a maintenance build scheduled for release in June - it will be included in that. 

That’s great! When in June? I want to get back to flying the Bus after this gets resolved.

Do you know what’s causing the issues with the displays?

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