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Hi guys I was thinking of buying FSL A320 but I never bought anything from this company.

I have experience with Maddog and PMDG so what are texture quality of FSL A320 in regards to cockpit and airframe.

Also are there possibility to modify the airframe for example to have wifi antena..etc

Is this a good trusted company in your opinion?

Thanks in advance:D

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Robert Ruprecht

As far as texture , flight deck etc is concerned ,maybe worth watching the numerous videos on YouTube by Blackbox711 . Depending on your setup texture maybe better or worse. As far as the company goes, my experience is good, and you would be hard put to find better. In the end it’s your decision. 

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Sabine Meier

Fslabs is highly systems detailed. And an option like a satdome or sharklets will effect the aerodynamics and fslabs will model that impact into their own flightmodel so that fuel burn is accurate. Currently no pbr but that will come at a later stage. Vc wise it is pretty good, everything bis readable

It has options users can customize through the mcdu but that is limited to the modeled options it has.

I would say fslabs is a step above pmdg in allregards. Don't bknow about the maddog.

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Sabine Meier

Currently for the a319 two overwing exits if present on the real registration. Ice detectors are an option. A321 which is in development will have ability to use max two additional center tanks.

Sharklet model will be a separate version as they will correctly model the aerodynamics of it.

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