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MCDU Pop-up size

Luke Hall

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Is there a straight forward way of resizing the MCDU pop-ups that will remain consistent between simulator loads/unloads? I always find them to be too big on my screen and always have to resize them, which is a fiddle!


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No takers?! I was hoping there'd be an easy solution! :unsure:

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Phil Tereny

just tested and it works: go to P3D addons/FSLabs/SimObjects/Airplanes/FSLabs A320 CFM (or any other aircraft)/Panel and open the panel.cfg, look for the 'Popup MCDU' entry, adjust the window size figures and safe. Don't forget to backup the panel.cfg first, just in case you mess anything up!

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Alexandre Kubatko

How can we know which size to set ? I mean, if I want these to stay in the size they currently are, is there a way to do that ?


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