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some questions before buy

Claudio Costamagna

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Claudio Costamagna

Hello everybody.

before buying your airbus I need some clarifications, in relation to the construction 
of my home cockpit. I currently have a cpflight fcu + efis and an opencockpit mcdu.
I have also built ecam and autobrare panel based on pokey card 
for which I have written my own software to communicate with flight simulator.

basically i ask if with your product is possibile to reach the same result that i have 
actually reached with jeehell. i konw that remote instruments is not available at the moment in 
fslabs, i know also that fslabs has good 2d instruments that can be used this is correct ?

for mcdu is available a web browser solution ?

for the hardware interface is available an exhaustive list of command to
set via Linda for example ? and for the fcu ? and for the korry light switch state?

from the reviews I've read, your product seems to be really interesting and full of features, 
but I haven't found any documentation that is adequate to build a home cockpit.

Thank you in advance and sorry for
my bad english



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Norman Blackburn

Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your interest in our product line.

Since I don’t use Jeehell I cant compare however I would be pretty sure the depth of our simulation is much higher.  We have a full set of panels in both VC but of course in 2D also.

The MCDU is available via web browser.

A fantastic list of Linda examples is available however it still is a work in progress.  A search on the forum for “Linda” would be a great start. 

We also showcased our product with hardware from Skarlaki including their FCU and MCDU.  The drivers are still however in development.

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