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Concorde X, Re-download Limit & Cockpit Issues.

Taylor Roberts

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Taylor Roberts

Hi there,

Around a week ago I started having some issues with my Concorde X installation. Panels weren't operating properly, for example, when ground power was requested, the ground power light would not become lit on the AC electrics panel. I also was not able to load a panel state like cold & dark or preliminary. Following these issues I deleted all of the FsLabs Concorde X files and uninstalled it from the control panel, this however, didn't work. I reinstalled FSX but to no prevail. I did get close to having it properly start up with the master warning pings and engine noise almost starting, however, at the '2' on the countdown, the green bar disappeared and the Concorde went back to how it was. This brings me to the re-download limit. I went to re-download the installer, but I was met with text saying that 'The re-download limit for this item has been exceeded. If you have questions about this error message, please contact shopper@esellerate.net'. To me this seems to be a big problem as I legally own a copy of your product and thus I'm entitled to it. I don't know who decided to introduce a limit, wether it was esellerate or FlightSimLabs but to me, whilst I do understand the theft protection and stuff, just seems a bit weird. I was thinking that could be the issue, maybe when you load up Concorde it connects to esellerate's servers and seeing as I've hit a re-download limit it just refused to initialize the Concorde systems. If somebody could point me in the right direction of getting the limit lifted as I do have a copy of the installer but I would like another just to see if the installer is flawed. If proof of purchase is needed, then I have all of my receipts and stuff archived and printed off. Also please don't take this as an attack as I don't mean it to come across that way.


Taylor Roberts.

P.S. I don't know if this is the right place to post this as I couldn't post in the Concorde section.


I just noticed a link to reactivate my Concorde X download, Thank-you!

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