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Pc has landed

Danny Wright

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Danny Wright

Hi all.

My new pc arrived yesterday so off we went to get p3dv4.4 and just my luck the downloads were down but by 5pm I was on my way to the install.

After a while I was in the air all on default and my 1st thought was holy cow why did I not make the move before. the whole feeling I get from my new training platform are worlds away from fsx. So the next step get my FSLbus an get everything set up so I can finish my first flight. Saturday night spent getting stick, Throttles and mainly the tiller setup.

So we get to today and to do justice to the bus I has to rebuy FTX Global, Activesky for p3dv4 and also GSX will have to be another purchase for v4 but on a good note all my uk2000 scenery an my Mallorca scenery went in no problem.

OK lets go fly, Pushed back(shift+p) started up taxied out to27R at EGNX to take my Route to LEPA. Stopped at the holding point off 27R turned on the lights then began my roll onto 27R. Lined up I spooled up to 40%N1 then hit the hyper space levers an we were go. I took her out by hand to DTY an all I can say is what a joy it was to do so, At DTY at 9000ft I let her take control so I could take in the training platform. TOD soon came no events or fuss then onto final an took control and again the joy of this aircraft with this training aid is just well I cant say words cant describe but back to the final and landing well all I can say is no fuss at all it went as smooth as glass.

I would just like to say a big Thanks to all those who put input into my last post.

Many kind regards


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