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Technical/System differences between the A320/A319


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Now that both products are out and about (I know I'm a bit late to the party), I was wondering what are the technical differences between the two aircraft beside obvious things like fuselage length? How different are the flight systems from an engineering perspective as well as pilots?

I've been trying to do some digging but I keep getting the same answers off google regarding fuselage length and stuff.


Any resources you'd recommend me checking out? I've been wanting to learn an in depth amount of how the aircrafts functions on a micro and macro level for a while now, as it'll also help me decide to purchase the A319 and the future A321.


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Arto E.P. Karhu

Airbus has managed to keep the A319 remarkably similar to A320 in physical sense. Obvious differences include, of course the different engine variant, but also changes in cabin and door layout, and in different rear cargo hold with no separate bulk compartment with its own door. Minor changes in access and locations do result from the changes to the fuselage. Less obvious differences are in low speed rudder authority, which is greater in A319 in all yaw damper, rudder trim and travel limitation. Also, full flaps go down to 40° with CFM engines as well in A319.

In overall, and dimensions related stuff aside, there can be more "system differences" in between given two individual airframes of the same type than some A319s and A320s.

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