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eSellerate - I've paid but my order is in review

Scott Wilson

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I seem to have a stuck order for the A320-X. I placed it yesterday and oddly I didnt get an order number/email with keys. I did get an email saying you would review my order and get back to me in 4-6 hours from eSellerate. As that time came and went I dropped eSellerate a couple of emails today and not even a "thanks we have your email and we will get back to you" .

I called my credit card company who said the funds had been taken. They asked me to call them back later after talking to someone at the primary vendor. This is becoming time consuming. Any advice?

thank you.


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Scott,

the proper email to use for eSellerate is "shopper@esellerate.net" - they sometimes take 24-48 hours to respond (I know... sorry!) and they're the only ones who can help - we don't handle any monetary, credit card, or other such transactions at all.

Please show a bit of patience and if they don't respond by tomorrow, we'll need you to send our support staff an email so we can escalate (and complain as well).

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willco thanks for the quick reply, I hadn't ordered through eS before.

regards from the cold North (EGPF).

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After 2 days they sent me this reply in reponse to me forwarding the email they sent me saying they were processing my order. They have not provided me an order number.

Dear Scott Wilson,

Thank you for contacting eSellerate.

We have searched our commerce system with the information that you 
provided along with the email address , 
and we were unable to locate a matching order. Please check the email 
confirmation that you received when the order was completed. If contact 
information is provided for questions concerning the order, please 
re-submit the request for assistance to that contact. Please include the
order number and product(s) that were purchased

If you do not have a copy of the confirmation email from your purchase, 
please reply with as much of the following information as possible so we
may locate your order and assist:

- Order Number
- Name, Phone Number, and Email Address on the Order
- Date and Amount of the Charge
- Name of the Site the Purchase Was Made On
- Name of the Product(s) Purchased
- Description of the Charge on Your Credit Card Statement
- The last 5 digits of your credit card number

Please do not send your credit card number through email.

If your question is in reference to the installation or how to use the 
product, please contact the manufacturer's technical support for 

Grace D.
Customer Service
Email ID: 36910219

original email they sent me at point of purchase. No order number. Not sure why they cant search their system for your product number and my first and last name.

Dear Scott Wilson,
The information you have submitted requires review before your request 
can be fulfilled. Please allow 4 to 6 hours for our review to be 
completed before inquiring about the status of your request.
Order Date: 2/11/2019 
 Publisher: Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. 
 A320-X (P3Dv4) [SKU51361796340] - Qty: 1 
 Order Support: shopper@esellerate.net
Order Support: shopper@esellerate.net
online transactions powered by eSellerate

I opened a support ticket on your system : 413414

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I spoke to them they said it's posted to my account, ie been taken. It also shows on my statement online.

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Lefteris Kalamaras


our support staff is handling this matter for you with eSellerate - we'll continue this discussion through those channels.

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