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A320X Final Thoughts

Stephen Crayton

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Stephen Crayton

I have been an avid simmer for about many years now, with almost 8K hours online with Vatsim. I have flown many  pay-ware aircraft over the years. Been amazed at a few. Most of my flying has been in eth 737's and 752. I have flown the heavies and an assortment of GA aircraft. Flying the FSLabs A320X was a challenge, being so different than the Boeing aircrafts. It takes a while to get used to workings and interdependencies of the various systems and flight guidance systems. Definitely reading the documents that accompany the purchase is a must. The saying "RTFM" did not just get pulled out of a hat. 

The FSLabs A320X is truly a far advanced flight sim aircraft yet to ever be developed. After many a viewing of BlackBox tutorial videos, reading forums posts, and just down right trial and error, I have been finally able to conquer the challenges of flying such an amazing simulator aircraft. The past few weeks has been truly rewarding with many flights done seamlessly. I have concluded that the FSLabs A320X is at the top of the heap when it comes to pay-ware birds. The immersive sounds, systems simulation, animations, and basically the entire package. Hats off and a royal bow to all of the developers who have put in their time and efforts into developing a great flight simulator add-on. 




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