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Jump from 1080p to 1440p

Anshu Giri

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Hello all,

I am planning to move from 1080p to 1440p. My systems runs the a320, P3dv4.3 very well at 1080p. I average 40fps on EGLL with most settings at highest levels (i use 30hz vsync, so its very smooth without any hickups or stuttering). My system specs are 8600k at 5.0ghz, gtx 1070 (ocd to 1070 ti performance), 16gb ram.

The big question is...how much of a performance hit will i take on moving to 1440p on the current system? Will the 1070 handle 1440p and maintain 30fps with the fsl a320 specifically?


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Jordan Collins

I 1440p and have a 1080ti and its pretty good. Maybe look at getting a better GPU first and see if you can afford it. You will for sure take a FPS hit at least i did. 

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I recently went from 1080 to 1440 and my gpu is a 1060 - the weakest one thus far on this thread.

There is certainly a noticeable hit, HOWEVER, running at a higher resolution also allows one to reduce the AA settings by a notch or two. In my case from x2 SSAA to x8 or x4 MSAA.

Bottom line is that whatever performance I had lost due to the higher resolution, I managed to regain by reducing AA - without losing visual quality.

With a better gpu than mine, I guess you'll get even better results 

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