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Concorde X INS Freezing during flight

Shane McMahon

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Shane McMahon



Just wondering if anybody is having the same problem I am having with the INS system on the Concorde x.

I have completed the Concorde X Tutorial line by line, carried out both a Auto INS Loading Option and Manual INS Loading Option ( on separate flights), making sure systems were off and parking bake on before starting.

Loading the flight plan manual entry and loading a pre stored route on the INS with no problems.

The issues raises when I get airborne and during the flight, normally shortly after take-off , the INS system 1 freezes, with no response to the buttons or turn on the round dial. I am then forced to use the INS 2 system but that normally freezes as well shortly after that. It just seems strange that it works fine for the first 40 mins of flight but then it starts to freeze. 

I have completed uninstalled the CIVA and re-installed it but having the same issue.

Using FSX Steam.



Shane McMahon


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Norman Blackburn

Hello Shane,

Please register your Concorde purchase after which you will be able to post in the correct forum.

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