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Performance and graphics with HT off


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I recently turned of Hyperthreading on my PC. P3D and the A320 run smoother now and the average FPS have increased. But i also found out, that the textures load slower now,  which causes the so called "blurries". 

I've tried several tweaks,  e.g.  texture_size_exp to improve texture loading, but with H.T. off blurries occur anyways.

For me it seems like the CPU is the bottleneck of my PC. Am i right? Is there any tweak to improve texture loading without turning HT on?

BTW: I've noticed, that the a320 APP changed the CPU usage policy after the first start of P3D with  HT off. Cloud this be the cause for the blurries?

Thanks in advance for your replies!




P3D V 4.4 

Windows 10 64bit

I7 4790k @ 4.4 GHZ


Nvidia 1080GTX 8GB

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