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This will fit nicely in your office

Antonis Kastrinakis

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Alexandre Kubatko
6 hours ago, Christos Kyrou said:

For that kind of money one would expect at least another two monitors... Having said that thank you for sharing!

Yeah, I don't really see the point in having a cockpit replica but having to look around in the sim with a mouse bind or something on a single monitor.

But anyways, the screen is not included so I guess you're free to buy multiple screens lol.

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3 hours ago, Peter Pukhnoy said:

VR headsets will provide an overall higher level of immersion

Still some of us, myself included, will always prefer the physical touch of hardware and head/eyes freedom.
Which, of course, doesn't change the fact the above price is insane. :blink:

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Dmitrij Nazarenko
On 12/28/2018 at 12:51 AM, Phil Tereny said:

28 Grand??? This thing is more expensive than my car. It looks very nice though.

In some countries this is almost the price of ATPL...

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Dmitrij Nazarenko
On 12/29/2018 at 7:20 PM, Laurent Valrhonet said:

But you can't compare the price from your country and Switzerland.

Sure I can, if I would to buy this product.

And no one forbids Swiss to come here and study for ATPL. Quite a lot of foreigners to, actually.

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Doug Miannay

Looks like they will soon be adding the option for the FO side.  Now that I am retired, this looks very tempting, but not likely any time soon.  Mouth is watering a bit, though...

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In Munich there is a company offering sim sessions with real cockpits and 180° projections of the A320, Bell UH-1d, F16, Me109 and I think I missed an airplane. The A320 runs on P3D I believe and the others on DCS. If you're around the area, check them out, it's amazing. I've only been on the Huey just yet but the Airbus and the Messerschmitt will definitely follow!




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