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Envtex - what does it actually do?

Stu Antonio

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Does anyone here uses Envtex? So Envtex SP2  is out. I bought Envtex/Envshade right after I switched from FSX to P3D, because a lot of people seemed to like it. 

Now I wonder, what textures does it actually change?

I have almost all ORBX products for European scenery textures & mesh etc., I use Active Sky with Cloud Art, I only use third party airports (never the default ones) which come with their own set of textures.... So what do I gain form Envtex then? Water & moon textures? "Better" textures? It doesn't change the ORBX textures I presume....

(I'm asking this here because it says "Discuss all topics here" and I like this community :) )




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16 minutes ago, koen meier said:

Envtex is like rex 

Thanks Koen, but I'm sorry, I'm afraid this is in no way answering my question :)  ...

Yea, I know there are similar products out there for replacing all sorts of texures, I don't have a hard time to understand WHAT Envtex is.

I'm simply wondering if it's beneficial to use, if you already have ORBX products, weather engine and add-on airports running.

I don't know, maybe it changes the ORBX-textures? Or maybe it changes the resolution of everything? Or maybe it does something else that improve visuals/performance/distribution etc.?

If it just changes the default textures (clouds, land, sea and airports) then it's maybe obsolete for users that already have a lot of other scenery-products installed? It certainly seems so.....
That's why I'm asking.




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54 minutes ago, Stu Antonio said:

I don't know, maybe it changes the ORBX-textures?

Stu, why don't you just read the product description?
I think it is very clear what Envtex does.

It doesn't get into conflict with ORBX. It however offers sky and cloud textures, which is similar to what Active Sky Cloud Art offers in the texture department.
Also your airport textures won't change if you use addon sceneries, at it offers exchanging default textures which are not used by commercial scenery developers.

As you can see, also in the description, it has a nice user interface, so you can decide which textures you wish to install.

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Thanks Rafal,

it is very clear what it does, correct (marketing descriptions can be a little over the top though). I was just seeking for someone's experience 'cause it seems to me that it's in fact pretty obsolete when you have other add ons, as it affects textures that are already taken care of those...

Anyway, nevermind.



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1 hour ago, Stu Antonio said:

Anyway, nevermind.


You have mentioned the addons you have, which is ORBX and Active Sky Cloud Art.
So I have offered you some advice on relations between those and Envtex.
Plus I explained the question of default airport textures versus addon airports.

If you want to know something else, just ask.
Your 'nevermind' sounds like you are not happy with the replies.
But without your help I don't know what else you need to know.

If by 'experience' you mean people will tell you what they like more, I am afraid it would not be the right way to go.
Everyone's taste is different. You need to watch screenshots and YT videos and make up your mind before you spend this money.

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