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Took A Major Gamble and HUGE Sucess-A319X

Austin Johnson

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Austin Johnson

Good Evening,

I have a Acer Predator Helos 300 laptop and it has a 7th gen I7-7700hq processor with 2.8 ghz to 3.9 ghz in turbo mode, 16 gb of ram and a 6 gb dedicated video memory in GTX 1060.

In order to modernize, when i had fsx, the A320 would studder alot and was not the most enjoyable to fly. For a early chrismas present, I got P3D V4.3 and put on the A320 and A319X today along with the ORBX Global scenery and Active Sky for P3D V4. After loading the A319X, I noticed a MAJOR improvement in how fluid i was getting when looking around. I have never used p3d v4 before and the difference was night and day.Also, i spent all afternoon setting up the new programs.  I get at some points almost 20-30 fps and the A319X is amazing how fluid it is. I am now going to go fly the plane for the first time. You all as Flight Sim Labs made a very good A319. The quality is top-notch. Thankyou for taking time to read this.

Austin Johnson

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Austin Johnson

I just flew some legs on the A319 in P3D and it is one of the best flying aircraft I have ever flown on FSX. I have had simulators since FS95 and maybe earlier and this is a wonderful aircraft.

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