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Windows 7 64-Bit


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I'm planning on transferring to FSX and a new operating system (Windows 7 64-bit). Now I was wondering if the driversoftware for both the FlyEngravity CDU and the CPFlight MCPPro are compatible with Windows 7 64-bit?

On the FlyEngravity website I already found out that the CDU is recognised by Windows 7 64-bit, but how about the driversoftware that takes care of the connection between the hardware and FSX?

Same goes for the CPFlight MCPPro. There are Windows 7 64-bit drivers available on the CPFlight website, but how about the driversoftware?


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That's great to hear.

Just one last question regarding the driversoftware for the CPFlight MCPPro for FSX. When I connect the MCPPro with the PMDG 747 for FSX, will the other modules (e.g. COM1, COM2 and XPNDR) also work? Because in the driversoftware descriptionpage, only the additional EFIS module is mentioned and not the other modules. And I was wondering if these work as well.


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Oh, that's really too bad. :(

So there is no way to add compatibility in a future driver upgrade? Or are you planning on adding support for the upcoming 747 modules (and MCP) from CPFlight for the PMDG 747?

When I was at the Lelystad show last year, I spoke with CPFlight, and they had the new upcoming 747 MCP on display. I asked them if they are also planning on adding the COM1, COM2 and XPNDR to their productline. They said that they were planning on that.

So, I hope that you will consider developing driver support for the new upcoming 747 modules from CPFlight.


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  • 3 months later...

Thats very pitty to here,just registrated the FSlabs software,payed 70euros for software that is not complete working?

A lot of money for nothing.

My Leveld 767 for FSX works compleet with the cpfligt mcp/efis with nav ,com and atc box for free?

I think we can expect good working software for the 747X,or a refund.

If you told at the website that the 747 was not complete working i never downloaded the software.

For 70Euros i expect a good working product!

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Rob-

the driver does EXACTLY what it says it does, in its product page. We are sorry that you thought it contains additional functionality, but you could have easily noticed if you ran it in its fully functional free format, around LGAV airport, before purchasing it.

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I was thinking the software will work completley after registration.

I cant find nothing onthe fslabs site to warn me.

PMDG747X 60Euro,1 atcbox ,2coms, 2 navs from cpflight price 1250 euro fslabs software 70euros ,747X not possible,thanks.

I think you made a patch to let the software work?

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Guest Paul Smith


I'm looking at the web page and am struggling to see what is difficult to understand

This interface allows owners of CPFlight’s MCP or MCPPro hardware to interface their MCP with the PMDG 747-400X for FSX simulation product.

At no point does it mention Comm's Panels or Nav Radios or Transponders.

Does your MCP and EFIS work? If so then the product is functioning as advertised. If they are not, then we will do all that we can to help you get them working, beyond that, it is up to Lefteris and the team, as well as the hardware manufacturers, to decide whether they add drivers for other items of hardware.



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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Rob-

You'll have noticed that the web page states specifically that it works with the MCP and EFIS. NOWHERE does it mention any other additional hardware.

Also, the driver is offered to you in its FULLY functional capacity BEFORE you purchase, with the limitation that it works only around the LGAV airport. As such, you have the freedom to check if it fits your requirements BEFORE you hit the "Purchase" button.

We expect that the information provided is clear and you should have been able to ensure functionality before you purchased.

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Rob 1383:

From what I've heard from the folks over at CPFlight at the Lelystad show last year, they are looking to make additonal modules for the 744 (COMM's and XPNDR). So, if that's the case, I don't see a reason why FlightSimLabs will not support the new hardware when it becomes available.


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