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farwell flight with i5 6600k

phil highton

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good evening gents, tonight will be my final flight with my i6600k ( I hope) she has served me well and I am very proud of her(  4.6  all day long) , great little chip 2 years of pain free simming  but tomorrow dawns another day  and in goes a 7700k . for the guys who are thinking about a 6600k I cannot recommend her enough especially with a ROG RANGER v111, great chip and I will miss her , but times move on , good bless her and all who sails in her , good evening Phil ( I'm I little sad actually ) !

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I've also put a 1080ti into the mix , to be honest I think the GPU had made the biggest difference ( previous 1070), just the raw power,  as I stated before the reason I swapped out my 6600k for the 7700k was all the extra programmes I was running , was it worth it not 100 % sure but at least Iam certain I have the muscle now!, will this hobby ever stop fancinating me ?, I hope not , cheers phil

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