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Installation Problems of A319X and A320X

Guido Lammers

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Guido Lammers


maybe someone can help me. I get a weird error message when installing the A319x after the A320x. When I then start the A320x, I get the error messag "Can´t find bitmaps.zip". After confirming the message all textures are so bright that you can´t even see anything.

  1. First I installed A320-x
  2. Then I installed Spotlight
  3. Checked and everything is working
  4. Next I installed A319-x
  5. After restarting my PC and starting P3D V4.3 with A320-x I got the error message „Can´t find Bitmaps.zip“ and all the textures are far too bright and you can not see anything

I installed it several times with a plain vanilla P3D 4.3 (newly installed) but still the same problem. If I install the A320x only it is working fine.

Any idea? I would like to have both working...


Thanks for your help!


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