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Trojan in ConcordeX installer 1.39?


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I own the boxed version of ConcordeX since a couple of years and now I purchased the update service and downloaded the ConcordeX 1.39 .exe

When the installer starts extracting the files my malware scanner Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 repeatedly flaged a trojan.Gen.8!cloud in FSLFSXCFG.dll. OS is Win 10x64

Now with the history of FS Labs allegedly packing malware into their products as a form of protection against piracy, I would very much like your experience/ assurance that this file is clean and that it is a false positive before I continue and exclude this detection.

Thanks for the help!





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Norman Blackburn


The file - which I coincidentally had just downloaded myself a few minutes ago, hasn't been changed for quite some time.  It is a false positive.  if it had any issues there would have been countless others reporting the same issue.

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Sorry to bother you again guys, but...

after Norman's assurance I installed the new version, with virus protection disabled, and everything looked fine. Started FSX and as soon as the load screen has finished FSX totally freezes. With other planes it works still normal. Please see attached screenshot

I tried several reinstallations with administratorial rights and so on but no change.

It is not caused by an OOM error, I checked and VAS was only around 2.3 GB

My firewall tells me FSLNavData.bin is trying to access the internet, what is this and anything to do with it?

Any clues?

My Specs:  MB: Asus Prime B250-Pro, CPU: Intel i5 7600@max. 4,0 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GPU: Geforce GTX 750@2GB VRAM, Win10x64, FSX SP2 in own folder on SSD, Addons: in Dx10 mode with Steve's DX 10 Fixer, Austria Scenery HD East & Pro, ORBX Global & Open LC Europe, Taburet Vectors, ASN & ASCA, various freeware sceneries and lots of freeware & payware planes



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