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phil highton

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Current CPU + GPU combo plus other stuff

I6600k oc 4.6 and strix 1070

ROG Z170 , SSD x2 and x1 SHHD ,CPU water cooled 

Iam thinking about maybe upgrading CPU to to I7700k ( with bios update) simply because I run all the core addons , AS4 , Skyforce 3D, Chase plane, pfpx , navigraph charts + ftx global, Europe , UK and NA and almost forgot black marble stuff +++++ lots and lots addon airports. I just keep seeing my little ( but strong ) i5 maxed out all the time in SIM and I worry about it . My thinking is getting a 7700k and use extra threads to help run the extra programmes ???, Anybody care to discuss plz , cheers phil 

Ps guys , I know there are a million variables , but if someone as done a similar upgrade their results would be great, FSL airbus is king and that's why I only fly this plane , no did respect to other aircraft/ Devs .


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hello Phil,

while that is a very nice upgrade path, I would ask you to also consider possibly switching to the i7 8700k with a motherboard switch as well. I think it's worth the extra expense, if of course, you can afford it.

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Darren Currie

I upgraded to the i5-8400 last year, and that was also a nice upgrade for the money. Of course, there is also the i5-8600k. I use a 6GB 1060 and it runs pretty well. My i5 is also maxed out, but that's just P3D. 

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Lefteris, I went with the 7700k and better cooling and a case upgrade for now, maybe 12 months down the line I will go for a 900 series lets see, keep up the great work FSL I love you guys long live flight sim!! 

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Phil,

congrats on the new purchase! Enjoy it! I am sure the better cooling means you can push that CPU a bit more, and if you're lucky enough, push it to its limits!

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Lefteris, i think maybe you were right this 7700k runs too hot , iam now thinking of going 8/9 generation with a mobo upgrade to go with my 1080ti !

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Bill McLauchlan

I upgraded from a system with Intel Core Duo 3.15mhz to one with i7 8700K.  I did manage to get the FSL A320 to work (sort of) with the Core Duo but now really happy with my new system.

If you can I would certainly go for an 8700k system.

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