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A320-A319 performance calculator from FSLabs

Jose Wesley Lemos dos Reis

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Jose Wesley Lemos dos Reis

Hi guys. So.....at my point of view the FSLabs A320-A319 are the best simulation ever did on P3D! I have all the former products form other developers....but FSLabs is at one level above! But....honestly....I have a question that to me would be the final touch to be close to perfection: PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR TOOL. I'm not talking about TPC, TOPCAT, PFPX..........this programs did not have the same parameters of the original Airbus EFB (like Fly Airbus apps). I know because I have 2 real A320 pilots friends of mine and a lot of JustPlanes videos about A320. So....would be in your minds a program to calculate accurately all the parameters to TAKEOFF, LANDING, WEIGHTS and TRIM for the FSLabs Airbus?

At my point of view.....this simulation cannot be without it! I really don't care whether this new tool would be an update or paid expansion. I just want this tool. But the correct one.

Best regards, 

Jose Reis

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Jose Wesley Lemos dos Reis

Ok. I know that there is a web tool that all of us, including myself are using all the time. I've checked the forum also. No question about that. It is an excellent script and works very well. Thanks. But it is not my question.....I just ask about an app or module to run inside FSLabs like Fly Smart Airbus....a real EFB. Just that. I really don't know how much does it cost to buy a license from Airbus to use their app....but I'm sure that it will not be cheap. So....i just want to know whether it would be possible a app Like this one here bellow from the FSLABS or not....very simple question! 



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