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The variants of Airbus FSLabs has simulated

John Price

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Hi folks,

I just wanted to know what exactly the variants that were simulated by FSLabs, expecially the IAE aircraft; as far as I can see, the A319 has the V2524-A5, which would make it an Airbus A319-132, yet the aircraft.cfg says the A319 simulated is the A319-131. Can I ask, definitively, which variants have actually been simulated and how significant are the power differences between the -131 and -132. I ask mainly because I enjoy simulating Gatwick-based BA flights, and I know the ex-bmi aircraft (G-DBCA-J) are A319-131s. Are the differences between -131 and -132 types so significant that that would be unrealistic, or are they really minute?

Cheers folks

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