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Concorde payload planner


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Ray Proudfoot

Not with the existing version of the program. But given CPS-X is now free why would you not use it?

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Thanks for your answer :)

Because CPS-X is bad at Concorde performance : it doesn't let plan flights of 4000nm, for example, that I fly, and that are IRL in the performance of Concorde... If it allowed pratical experience operations instead of theorical (good, but not enough tolerant to fly operations) only, it would be easier to use for flights of 3500nm :)

So I can't use it for the payload because it doesn't let me do it.

- I could plan another flight and load it as I want... but it would be easier to get for example in the current loader the possibility to click on a seat to add a passenger, or that kind of dialog box -


Thanks :D

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Ray Proudfoot

Ouch! That’s a bit rough on the author of CPS-X who is an expert on Concorde.

What route do you want to fly? Remember you need to land with the legal minimum fuel of around 6T. Are you planning for that?

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No, nothing against the author, but just that on the previous versions (not VIP) it was really bad about the range. Now it's 4200nm to load a flightplan. The flightplan is about 4300nm but with the winds the flying distance is less than 4200nm. Any way to change the value ?

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Ray Proudfoot

No, it’s probably hard coded. You still haven’t told me the route.

You really need a decent tailwind if you want to fly a long route. LHR - JFK will consume more fuel than JFK-LHR because of the jet stream. Try reversing the route and see if that works.

How many pax and crew?

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