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Will my Computer be able to handle the FSLabs A320

Konrad Bergkvist

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Konrad Bergkvist

So, here's the deal.

I've owned the FSL now for quite some time and I've been having a lot of performance issues. Therefor I decided to look out for a new PC mainly focusing on the FSL but with a limited budget.

Here are my specs for what I've found so far:

Intel® Core™ i5-7400 processor

16 GB DDR4 RAM-memory

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB

128 GB SSD + 1000 GB 

4 x USB 3.0


The main parts such as the CPU and GPU + RAM do pass the benchmark score.

For the professionals - what will this setup result in regarding my performance?  20 fps? 25-30? Overall I was hoping for somewhere between 25-30 fps with med to somewhat high settings (FSX:SE). Also considering that I don't acquire HD scenery addons nor heavy weather addons.

Thanks and best regards Konrad :) 

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Lars Hajema

Hello Konrad,

it's hard to say if it will run the A320 with around 25-30 FPS, only way to know is to test and see. If there was a program that could accurately predict if a system would run X software with X fps I would invest my life savings into it :ph34r:.

Be aware though that the next and last FSX-SE/FSX/P3D V3 update will probably contain a lot of optimization that V4 has seen in the past few months so the A320 will run a lot better.


All the best,


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Konrad Bergkvist

Ciao Lars!

I do understand that there is no concrete answer to this because the FSL is such a complex work of art.

Anyhow, I do sincerely appreciate your reply and if I've understood you right: My system will probably be able to handle the 320? (trying to be optimistic) :) 

By the way, I've spoken with a handful of other people within the community, making sure that this PC will be a good investment and they all said that it should work.

All the best



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Atul Mishra

Hello Konrad,

I own i7-8700K (not overclocked), GTX 1080ti, etc. yet I still get around 30 fps while in the cockpit and at an addon airport/ adverse weather conditions (sliders in high region, dynamic reflection low), although I use live traffic tools and Orbx Global that really suck up the fps. 

It's hard to tell how much fps would your opted spec give but maybe you might be able to get around high 20's to low 30's range with sliders in medium and dynamic reflections off.

If you don't really care about visuals (FTX Global etc), then it should be alright I think but you can give it a try. P3D V4 still is heavily dependent on the CPU from my experience so if possible try getting one with higher base frequency.


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Lars Hajema
2 hours ago, Konrad Bergkvist said:

My system will probably be able to handle the 320? (trying to be optimistic) :)

By only looking at the min requirements, yes you should be able to run it yes

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