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Thank you for a great sim experience!

Klaus Schmitzer

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Klaus Schmitzer


I am a long time FSX user, I also flew the fslabs bus with FSX. 

Now I changed to P3Dv4, also with the A320 and now the 319... this is a whole new simming world. 

I was never very kind in some comments here on the forum about development of the A320. Now I know that the problem was 32bit.

I want to say thank you for this awesome piece of software. You guys do an incredible job, please keep up the good work! 

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Chris Parrott

Just took the A319-X out for my first flight, a Delta flight from KAUS to KSLC.  Smooth as butter from start to finish.  Everything worked great for me.  No crashes...the plane behaved exactly as I expected it to.  One of my favorite flights in my recent simming experience.

Nice work!  Can't wait for the A321-X now, but I know that one will be a while yet.  Will continue to greatly enjoy the A319-X and A320-X in my virtual hangar in the meantime!


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