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Holding Short Of The Purchase Line

Carl Beeby

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Carl Beeby


I've read with interest the posts and looked at Youtube footage of the A319. Looking good.

Question as my main area of interest is the A321 (don't worry, I'm not asking when!) :-

Assume the A321 will feature the similar windscreen effects, GSX interaction and icing model ?

Are you considering any pricing model where when purchasing the A321, ownership of the A319 would be taken into account ? Just thought I'd ask (as I'd probably review then) :) either way I'm very happy knowing the A321 is being developed by you guys and my purchase is guaranteed. Good luck with any remaining 'bugs' :)


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Norman Blackburn

Hello Carl,

Thanks for your interest.  Some of our RW pilots are equally keen on getting their hands on a 321 since of the family it is their favourite.

The features found in the 319 will make their way into the 320 and therefore you should expect to see them in the 321 also.

Pricing hasn't yet come close to finalising and this includes the possibility of bundles so unfortunately its not something we can answer either way - sorry!

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